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Luxury Premium Pretty Pink Glitter Saddle Pad Set


Our very beautiful Lush Glitter Saddle Pads are an absolute luxury for your horse. Nothing can be more special than gifting these
to your horse. They are not only pretty but have been designed to protect your horse’s delicate spine with their spine alignment technique. The luxury glitter material is of premium quality and doesn’t leave glitter on your hands or your tack. It is very durable, high quality, and amazing on the touch. The high-class faux fur full lining underneath gives very comfortable protection and has anti-slip properties which take away the weight of the saddle and don’t let it slip, thus the horse feels lightweight and happy.

Set contains:
– Luxury Glitter Saddle Pad
– Luxury Soft Matching Bonnets
– Luxury Fluffy Headcollar
– Luxury Glitter Matching Boots


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