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5 Star English Saddles


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Equizax 5-star general-purpose saddles have been tried and tested by many horse riders. They are the best fit for horses as well as riders, thereby creating a secure and effective riding position and posture.
The seat of our saddle is made with Sheesham wood which is famous for its wonderful durability like Teak wood and has been further bound securely with iron plates to add to its strength. We have padded our wonderful seats with soft pressure-absorbing foam which smartly distributes the weight of the rider evenly so the horse’s back feels light and helps provide free horse movements while maximizing stability and overall performance.
High-quality Drum Dyed Leather has been used for making our Saddles Breathable which lets your horse’s skin breathe through. Its premium quality makes it easy to clean and the leather polish gives them a brilliant new shine before every use.
5 star sizes

16.5″, 17.5″, 17″, 18″